“We will produce safe, legal, sustainable quality halal food that complies with halal requirements and is independently approved by reputable halal certification bodies” – view our Halal Policy.


Fresh British Halal meat at its best

At Shazan’s we have a fully integrated fresh poultry supply chain, which means we control every part of the chain from farm to fork.

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Choose from Shazans Chicken Breast Fillet Small 450g, Shazans Diced Breast 450g, Shazans Mini Fillets 500g, Shazans Chicken S-l Drum 1kg, Shazans Halal Chicken Drumsticks Peri Peri 900g, Shazans Halal Chicken Tandoori Drumsticks 900g, Shazans Chicken Drums And Thighs 1kg, Shazans Chicken Skinless Thigh 1kg, Shazans Halal Chicken Thigh Fillets 600g, Shazans Chicken Thighs Peri Peri 900g, Shazans Chicken Wings Peri 900g, Shazans Hot & Spicy Niblets 900g, Shazans Lamb Burger 454g, Shazans Mince Beef 500g, Shazans Burger Beef 454g, Shazans Beef Steaks 340g.

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Stay inspired with amazing recipes you can make at home! All of our recipes have been created by our New Product Developer, Sarah Malek.