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Gender Pay Gap Analysis

Gender Pay Gap Analysis

Snapshot as at: 5 April 2019 Employee number: 395

[1] Mean Gender Pay Gap
Male mean hourly rate – £10.57
Female main hourly rate – £9.70
Pay gap – £0.87
Mean Gender Pay Gap – 9.0%

[2] Median Gender Pay Gap
Male median hourly rate – £9.00
Female median hourly rate – £8.21
Pay gap – £0.79
Median Gender Pay Gap – 9.6%

[3] Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap
[4] Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap
[5] Proportion of males receiving a bonus payment
[6] Proportion of females receiving a bonus payment
All above measures are NIL due to no bonuses being paid to any employees

[7] Proportion of males and females in each quartile pay band
• Of the 99 employees in the lower quartile, 58 are male and 41 are female. This means 58.5% are male and 41.5% are female.
• Of the 99 employees in the lower middle quartile, 62 are male and 37 are female. This means 62.6% are male and 37.4% are female.
• Of the 98 employees in the upper middle quartile, 84 are male and 14 are female. This means 85.7% are male and 14.3% are female.
• Of the 99 employees in the upper quartile, 80 are male and 19 are female. This means 80.8% are male and 19.2% are female.
As set out above, at April 2019 the mean gender pay gap for our business was 9.0%, an improvement of 2.2% year-on-year. Our median gender pay gap was 9.6%. We believe that this reflects the fact that staff being employed in same or similar roles would be paid equally across the entirety of our business, the only differentials being due to the heavy bias of male employees in our business (which has increased year-on-year to 72.2% from 68% last year). A major factor in the disparity in the upper quartiles is engineering grades, all of whom are male.

Supporting Statement

This is to confirm that the gender pay gap information published in relation to Shazan Foods Limited as applicable at 5 April 2019 is accurate and complete.


Dated: 18/03/2020


Position in Company: MANAGING DIRECTOR

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