“We will produce safe, legal, sustainable quality halal food that complies with halal requirements and is independently approved by reputable halal certification bodies” – view our Halal Policy.



  • What is the difference between Shazans and Shazans Select?
    • Both our Shazan & Shazan Select Brands are produced in line with our Halal Policy. This is overseen &  supervised independently by Halal Accreditation Bodies.
    • For Shazans Brand  the Meat & Poultry used to produce the products  comes from animals that have been stunned ie alive & unconscious at the point of slaughter.
    • Whereas for Shazans Select Brand the Meat & Poultry used  comes from animals that have not been stunned prior to slaughter.
    • Our Shazan Select Range of Products is approved by the Halal Monitoring Committee
  • Are your products organic?

    Our Products are Not/Marketed as Organic. The meat & poultry used in our products are from farm assured schemes. For e.g All the Poultry used is from British Red Tractor Farms.

  • Can I freeze my meat?

    Where it is suitable to freeze the meat/product, it is indicated/marked on the product label with a ‘suitable to freeze’ logo.

  • What Halal accreditation do you use?
    • For Shazans Brands we work with & use HFA. They are on site supervising and monitoring production from start to finish.
    • For Shazans Select we work with& use HMC. They are on site supervising and monitoring production from start to finish.
  • How do you ensure the highest quality for Shazans?

    Our products are produced in line with their specification which has been done from market research and customer requirements to ensure it is fit for purpose. The products are manufactured in BRC Approved facilities operating with strict  safety, quality and process control systems . The products produced are regularly monitored & inspected by our trained staff to ensure compliance to specification. We only source Ingredients from BRC approved facilities & meat from  abattoirs where livestock are treated and prepared according to strict rules set out by UK and EU legislation governing the humane and welfare treatment of animals.

  • Is all of your meat British?

    The Lamb & Poultry used in our Products is 100% British. Where as the Beef is Irish. Please note the origin of the meat & poultry used is marked on our products.

  • What allergy risks are associated with your products?

    Our products labels are marked with the allergens that the product recipe contains. Whilst the majority of the recipe of the products do not contain any allergens and every care is taken to minimise cross contamination, it is not possible due to the nature of operations. If you require information about a specific product, please contact us.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.